WISU: the only home away from home. WISU is more than a student Union that has not only won the hearts of many students of Wuhan University, but also the people of Wuhan. WISU has a membership of over 3000 foreign students at WUDA, making it the biggest Union by subscription. Our goal is to represent all the foreign students, making sure that every student here is happy wherever he/she may be at any given time. In the interest of our members we also engage with other outside organisations and institutions to improve the student life experience and connect them with the city and people of Wuhan. We are open to working with different partners to give foreign students in Wuhan in general and WUDA students in particular more and more exciting programs.
Thank you to all those who voted for us, we will never disappoint you.
The Plus: A fully international network of students representing over 120 countries with a variety of majors and skills.
WISU: Always with you
Contact: Sadik Musse and Freddie Cloke (President and Executive President of WISU)
Email: whuwisu@outlook.com
Phone: 134-2984-0715 and 139-7114-1622