Wuhan Art Museum was founded on December 12, 1986. In 2008 it moved to the new museum site where the former Kincheng Bank situated on Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou. Influential in Wuhan and even in Central China as a public art museum, Wuhan Art Museum is dedicated to keeping archives of contemporary and modern art and history via collecting, preserving, displaying, researching excellent contemporary fine art works, focusing on combing the local art fabric and also heartily communicating with other ethnic and national art.

The five-storied new building of Wuhan Art Museum covers a total construction area of 12,139 square meters. The first floor’s atrium is of ring corridor structure, which is also the center of the whole architecture. The second and the third floor are main exhibition areas with seven exhibiting halls; the total area is about 4,230 square meters and the total extension line is over 1,100 meters. The fourth and the fifth floor are office area and academic lecture hall respectively. In addition, the museum also has training classroom, reading room, repair room, and galleries to exhibit, collect and preserve art works as well as to do academic researches, art education, art exchanges and social services.

Wuhan art museum of art collection, based on domestic, nearly, and contemporary works, has collected more than 1000 works, involving nearly 200 artists throughout the country. Its collection object is mainly contributes to the hubei fine arts history development, influential artists, both within and in the fine arts of influential HuBeiJi artist’s representative works, writing draft, manuscripts and so on literature material, also includes active young artists in the field of contemporary art. Collection types include traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, photography, and other categories, initially formed collection system with local characteristics.

Wuhan art museum public education today has formed the basic system of activities, from artistic popularity, interactive art, art experience from three aspects, set up the “wuhan art big classroom”, “pyi street no.2 art salon” and “beauty art fang” brand three activities, promoting wuhan citizens to participate in art activities. Volunteer team based on “sincerity pays, for” faith and sense of responsibility, disseminating the knowledge of art and culture, since opened new opening, service the audience of about 200000 passengers.

The volunteer team of Wuhan Art Museum has provided service to the public under the motto and responsibility of “giving sincerely, asking no return” since the museum’s opening for five years and has serviced over 4,500 citizens and about 200,000 audiences.

Chinese Art Museums are starting fresh as compared to the world standards. Wuhan Art Museum, young as it is, has attracted much attention with its vitality and flexibility among those counterparts in China. In this place, art assists in building a city’s culture and warms cold architectures.