It’s a national Science Education Base Advanced Science and Technology Museum. “We took the kids for a day and they all had positive reviews. The parents actually thanked us for dedicating a day to help these kids have fun and learn something in the process. This was an educational outing but they still managed to have fun because learning is indeed Fun!”, remarked one of the teachers at a local school in Wuchang.

This museum provides a learning opportunity and who doesn’t want their child to learn something new everyday. It has the Water Exhibition Hall where the scientific knowledge about water is explained. For those with a striking curiosity and are eager to know how far back the universe goes, the Universe Exhibition Hall can answer their questions.

The extinction of dinosaurs is well known, but the remains, though ancient, can be absolutely fascinating. The museum has rooms that are filled with an assortment of collections.

Recommended lengths of visits: 2-3 hours