Motto 厚德博学,追求卓越
Motto in English Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Pursuing Excellence


武汉理工大学 – Wuhan University of Technology


Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) was established in 1948 and on May 27th 2000 merged the former Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Transportation University and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University. The current WUT president is Zhang QingJie.

According to (2016), Wuhan University of Technology is ranked 38th among Chinese universities.

WUT building
Wuhan University of Technology


Over the last half century, WUT has bred over 400,000 engineers and technicians, maintaining itself the largest scale university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education for nurturing talents oriented in the three industrial sectors: building materials industry, transportation industry and automobile industry and retaining itself an important base of nurturing high-level talents for the three industrial sectors as well as providing significant scientific and technological achievements.

WUT has focused on: the lofty ideal and core value of building an excellent university to win a worldwide recognition and admiration, the University has forged the spirit of “Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning and Pursuing Excellence”, promoted the guiding principle of “take the students cultivation as its essence, and take academic development as its priority”, and exercised the educational concept of “implementing excellent education, nurturing excellent talents and creating an excellent life”. WUT is also committed to building an excellent university that provides an high-class education to lead its students to a fulfilled life and top-class capabilities.

Currently, the university owns 23 academic schools, 9 state key disciplines, 74 Doctoral programs, 135 Master’s programs as well as 82 Bachelor’s programs. WUT has about 5,570 staff members, including 650 professors, 3 academicians of China Academy of Engineering and 3 academicians of China Academy of Science. WUT has over 36,000 undergraduates, 16000 postgraduates (including Master and PhD students), and a diverse international student body.

cultural festival picture
bringing together students from all over the world

A cultural festival is held annually by the international students, one in which traditions, food and outfits from students’ home countries are showcased.

Student Union

The Wuhan University of Technology International Culture Exchange Association (ICEA) collaborates with the international student office each year to host a range of student-oriented activities, such as career counseling seminars and inter-dormitory sports competitions.

student athletes posing for a picture
photo session after an intense but friendly tournament

The University has three main campuses, namely the Mafangshan Campus, the Yujiatou Campus and the South Lake Campus, with a total occupying land area of 267 hectares.  The University owns 24 academic schools, 4 State Key Laboratories, 8 State key Disciplines, 74 Doctoral programs, 188 Master’s programs as well as 87 Bachelor’s programs. The University has 50,587 students, including 36,892 undergraduates, 12,471 postgraduates (Master and PhD students), and 1,224 international students. Besides, Material Science, Engineering Science, Chemistry and Physics rank the top 1% in ESI (Essential Science Indicators) global discipline ranking list.

WUT has established cooperative relations for students exchange and scientific research with more than 190 foreign universities and research institutions from USA, UK, Japan, France, Australia, Russia and the Netherlands (among other nations) and invited over 300 international scholars to be strategic scientist, guest professors or honorary professors.