Located at Yangtze River it is a popular place for many poets in the Chinese history. The tower was destroyed and rebuilt many times in the history. It is really worth seeing and very crowded.

This is a great spot to visit; definitely the no.1 thing to do in Wuhan. It’s a little distant from the metro stops, but it can still be walked easily from Pangxielja on Line 2. Once in the compound, there’s a lot to see other than the tower itself and it will take you a couple of hours to wander and see it all. For those not entirely fit, there are carts available to drive you between spots and there is an elevator in the tower itself, but this is strictly limited to people over 70 or with visible lower limb disabilities. It may be best to visit late in the afternoon or early evening as in the summer the heat is relentless and you miss the illuminations that light up the tower at night.