Loot from the Titanic’s passengers is on display in Wuhan!

« We are all passengers on the Titanic »

Grab your boarding pass, the journey is about to begin

Dear Millvina Dean,

This exhibition is dedicated to you.

I do not know you and we will never meet but i know you were on the Titanic during this tragic night.

Like visitors in Budapest last year, or visitors from Las Vegas, Orlando, Guangdong, I have seen artifacts from this famous boat, preciously taken away from the shipwreck, most of them unbroken, as if nothing happened. Water’s death is quiet and infinite, like an Ophelia.

Wuhan Social editors Ana and Aurélien

I did ask myself, because this accident was famous, was it necessary to exhibit the looted belongings of these unlucky companions?

Volunteers in costume will answer your questions and you can have a VR experience at the end, is constantly playing with your emotions; posters with travellers’ story, will strike your attention.

“Boarding pass” of the Titanic will be given to you as entrance ticket. This guy died younger than I



The famous corridor
The giant iceberg

VR experience at the end of the exhibition