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A Wuhan Social Beginner's Guide for all things Wuhan!

Welcome to Wuhan!

Living in a new city can be difficult, more so if you have no family or friends nearby to help you settle down. When you’re new in Wuhan, finding your way around the city and adjusting to an unfamiliar culture can take months (or years for some) before you settle down and start to feel at home.

For the newbies, we have curated a Beginner’s Guide to Wuhan: from general information about the city, healthcare & transportation guides, nearby weekend and holiday getaway options, expat communities in Wuhan, business & career-oriented news as well as tips & tricks to make your life easier in Wuhan.

About Wuhan

So, how big is Wuhan?

Ever wondered How Big Wuhan is?
Got puzzled between Wuchang, Hankou & Hanyang district?
Moving to Wuhan but still have questions about settling in the city?


Need any English medical assistance in Wuhan?

Need medical help but don’t speak Chinese? Some Wuhan hospitals have English services  too.
Looking for medication but can’t read drug descriptions in pharmacies?
or maybe you know someone going through some psychological issues & could use someone to talk to.


Moving around Wuhan made easy

Need to move around the city but aren’t familiar with the transport system?
For the regular subway surfers: did you know you could recharge subway cards on WeChat?
Leaving Wuhan for a few days/weeks? Get your train tickets on WeChat!

Things To Do

Scenes from last weekend’s Touch Rugby Tournament

From art exhibitions and theatrical performances to restaurant happy hour deals, dance parties and live music shows: Wuhan has it all! Check the Wuhan Social Events page or the HelloWuhan WeChat mini program for updates


Explore Wuhan and neighbouring cities!

Family or friends visiting you soon? Wuhan has some cool weekend options for the whole gang.
Explore Hubei province and the beautiful attractions it has to offer.
Find direct flights from Wuhan to some awesome travel destinations.

Expat Communities

Wuhan communities are more active than ever before

Join Women in Wuhan united for a common cause.
Stay in shape with Wuhan’s diverse group of Rugby fans and players from all over the world.
Hear more about the city from expats that have lived & worked in Wuhan for over a decade.

Business & Networking

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and start your business in Wuhan!

Build your dream: registering a business in Wuhan made easy.
Find out about services local government provides for expats in Wuhan.
Need and office for your business? Wuhan has some affordable rental options you might not have heard about.

Life Hacks

A helping-hand is now a WeChat order away

Learn Chinese Mandarin from the comfort of your home & at a time convenient for you.
In Case of Emergency! Know which number to call in an emergency in Wuhan.
Need some repairs done in your apartment? Order a handyman on WeChat!

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