Nanzhang County In The Spotlight

Time to explore the hidden heritage of Hubei province.


Hubei is a province full of wonders, welcoming adventurers who wish to learn more about China’s Middle-Earth. Because a province is not only about its capital city, Wuhan Social wishes to present you what has been happening recently in Nanzhang county, located in the northwest of Hubei Province.

Nanzhang county is ruled under the administration of Xiangyang city.

On March 8, China opened its first museum of stockade villages in Nanzhang county, Xiangyang city. The county has always been described as the “stockade village culture area of China” since it possesses more than 500 ancient stockade villages.

With a RMB 10 million investment, the museum was under construction for the past three years. It offers a 8000 square meters area and is now opened to tourists for free.

A 8000 square meters area dedicated to stockade villages.

If you have some time off soon and wish to discover an authentic part of Chinese culture, grab your bag and go exploring the stockade villages of Nanzhang !

Tourist tips: Coming from Wuhan, you can easily take the train. Depending on the type of train you’ll choose, you’ll reach Xiangyang city between 2.5 and 6 hours. The prices for one-way ticket vary from RMB50 to 150.
Violette R.
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