Who would not play a game instead of going to the museum? Many of us prefer to be entertained rather than to be taught. The K11 mall has found an elegant solution to this problem by offering both knowledge and fun for all.

The commercial center is in fact divided into two buildings, hosting art and games. The K11 Select will be dedicated to food, drinks and other devices of amusement.

The K11 Art Village, across the street, will feature exhibitions and intellectual events.

The major attractions will be Android Dream of Cows. A tricky virtual reality experience where you will wander in an actual maze while your eyes will delight on an imaginary world of cows. All of this might sound all to normal and déjà vu for most of us. But the point of the game will be to avoid those walls.

Maybe the point of the game is just to laugh at those who run into a wall?

As most of us, I use phones, computers and video games all too much. But I must confess this one was to hard for me. I quickly left, disappointed by my clumsiness. 

Art lovers will then proceed to the K11 Village, where works from Roiychiri Kurowara await them. 

Striking is the only word to describe it. 

Only three works will be displayed in this exhibition, named “Fluxes”. Each of them is a masterful lesson of illusion made out of TV screens, sound, noises and vibrations. Here is a thorough description of those works.

The nature tends to increase the entropy. It drives toward disorder or chaos. This installation is based upon the concept of the relationship between order and disorder, entropy and negentropy. This work cuts one scene of nature and it redistributes (rearranges) them by 8 flat-panel displays and 8 channel sounds that are arranged by simple number sequence on the octagonal-zone with a number of images and field-recording sounds of waterfalls. It divided these images and sounds of waterfalls into each screen and speaker. The 8 waterfalls shape gradually an ordered proportion. This work is an arrangement of natural energy and it simplifies natural mechanism of order and disorder.
This is formed an asymmetrical balance by 8 screens and 16 speakers. It creates fluid and rhythmic environment in the musical composition of a 8-minutes looped structure. A natural waterfalls sound as high-entropy sound and silent moving of waters are washing out any other distractions. It produces an environment enclosed by images and sounds.
In this work, each setting height of screen is discretely changed. It could produce organic visual effects and multi-directional approach to the viewer’s perception by providing variations of sound source position and auditory perspective.
A screen and two speakers are unified, that is, they become 8 instruments equipped with image and sound. It makes a temporal structure in the octagonal space. Tempo and intensity of sounds and images shape an immersive audio-visual-scape. It prompts the viewers to fall into the hybrid of art and nature’s own patterns, movements, and gestures. The rhythmical structure of sound and images, it is going to make a dynamic powerful force.
Silent diptych video installation developed originally from the series of diptych prints “lttrans (2018)” which is inspired by “laminar–turbulent transition”, the process of a laminar flow becoming turbulent that is not fully understood scientifically at this time.
Though print piece is expressing before and after transition on each panel, animation is presenting its contrast by adjacently displaying each non-transitional motion respectively. Since original print works were created as static images, context was animated subsequently.
Image generated based on the detected feature point of captured natural plant life is split into diptych, and opposite algorithms: order/disorder behaviors, are applied on those imagery. Vertical/linear movement representing laminar flow is applied on right side image, and on left side one random motion/step is applied as turbulent flow. It shows confrontational evolution presented as laminar and turbulent flow: uni-directional and chaotic motion.

The whole installation is a scientific experiment to prove the vile and dangerous nature of what is commonly called the tyranny of screens. How strongly we are fascinated by them! The exhibition, with a deep knowledge of human physiology and a fine understanding of our mind and body reactions, demonstrates how powerful is the influence of a screen. 

First our mind delights in admiring those cascades, landscapes and beautiful colors, but then our spirit is uneasy to see them distorted. Even our body is challenged by those flickering lights and white noises. This exhibition will for sure arouse contradictory feelings in everyone.

Malls are really places or public interest if they can provide us with both learned and frivolous hobbies. The K11 is, by itself, the proof that shopping center are the most useful and necessary part of a city’s life.