Nine new national wetland parks in Hubei



Long been known as “a province of a thousand lakes,” Hubei is rich in wetland resources: a total of 15.6 million hectares of wetlands including 843 lakes, 5, 800 reservoirs and 4, 228 rivers of over 5 kilometers in length. In early September of 2016, the China’s State Forestry Administration issued the new list of national wetlands parks, 9 of which are located in Hubei province.

1. Wuhan Houguan Lake Wetland Park

The Houguan Lake Wetland Park, located at northwest of the Sino-French Ecological City in Caidian District of Wuhan, the Houguan Lake Wetland Park consists of the Zhiyin Lake, Pisi Sea, Shaoji Lake, Gao Lake and their surrounding lands. It covers an area of 2089.2 hectares. In 2016, it became a national-level wetland park.

A greenway with a length of 110 km2, which combines the protection of ecological resources and the legacy of Zhiyin culture was built around Houguan Lake.

The Houguan Lake Wetland Park has hosted several major events in recent years, as the Tour of China (Wuhan), the National Kite Championship and the Wuhan Half-arathon, becoming a famous brand of Caidian. The wetland can receive over one million people for relaxing or workout every year.

2. Jingshan Huiting Lake Wetland Park

Located in Jingshan Village of Jingmen City, Hubei, the Huiting Lake Wetland Park covers an area of 3832.23 hectares. Huiting Lake is home to a water reservoir which solves the drinking problem for the Jingshan citizens.

3. Zhongxiang Mochou Lake Wetland Park

The Zhongxiang Mochou Lake Wetland Park is located in the Yingzhong Village of Jinzhou City. The wetland is a typical example of urban lake with 32 natural islands. Some 15 kinds of algae and 301 types of plants, Chifu eagle and otter are also special treasures of the lake.

4. Daye Bao’an Lake Wetland Park

The lake region of Bao’an Lake has a mild climate with abundant rainfall and pleasant sunshine (260 sunny days a year), which are extremely favorable conditions for animals and plants. In addition, Bao’an Lake is one of three major bases recognized by the Minister of Agriculture to raise freshwater fish.

5. Hong’an Jinsha Lake Wetland Park

The Hong’an Jinsha Lake Wetland Park is located in the western suburbs of Hong’an City with an area of ??1,903 hectares, which includes 1,591 hectares of wetlands. Together with the surrounding wetlands, Jinsha Lake is considered an important stopover point for thousands of migratory birds travelling from Siberia to Australia.

6. Huanggang Tiantang Lake Wetland Park

The Huanggang Tiantang Lake Wetland Park takes the Tiantang Water Reservoir as the main part and some of the mountains on both sides, extending over an area of ??1,114 hectares. It owns two first-class national protected plants, frour second-class protected plants, one first-class protected animals and five provincial-level protected animals.

7. Wuxue Wushan Lake Wetland Park

The Wuxue Wushan Lake Wetland Park is located in the north of Wuxue City with an area of 2,090 hectares, including 1,809 hectares of wetlands. It is a paradise for animals and plants. The statistics sho that the wetland has fed 410 types of higher plants and 156 kinds of vertebrates.

8. Gucheng Hanjiang River Wetland Park

The Gucheng Hanjiang River Wetland Park is located in the east of Chengguan Town of Gucheng County, subtended by South River, North Rover and Hanjiang River. With an area of 3,830 hectares of wetlands, it is listed among the first batch of national parks in the Han River region and plays an important role in sustainable development and the ecosystem of the lower reaches of Hanjiang River. It owns 177 types of plants (including 15 national protected wild plants) and 67 types of animals (including 14 national protected aninmals) and 125 types of birds (including 2 national first-class protected birds).

9. Huanggang Yi’ai Lake Wetland Park

The Huanggang Yi’ai Lake Wetland Park is in the Huangzhou District of Huanggang City with an area of ??463 hectares, including water area of 378.22 hectares. It is a typical natural wetland composed of lakes such as the East Lake, the West Lake and Lingjiao Lake in Huanggang City. In March of 2014, Yi’ai Lake is selected as Hubei’s top ten most beautiful lakes.