Our Favorite Indian Restaurants in Wuhan

Indian Food Selection

Did you know that in a typical curry there are around 60 spices combined? Or that it can create addiction and it’s considered an aphrodisiac? Or that London contains more Indian restaurants than Bombay and Delhi combined? Certainly there are a lot of things we don’t know about curry, and that’s just the beginning of Indian food! In Wuhan Social we want to make an expert out of you so that’s why we are leaving here 6 of the more authentic Indian restaurants you can find in our beloved city. Enjoy!

Bengals Tiger

Even though this restaurant is specialized in Bangladeshi food, their chef is indian and they incorporate a range of Indian delicacies in their menu. The place is small and quiet and the price is very affordable. How to get there: You can either take the metro (Guangbutun Station, exit H and a 20 minutes walk) or the bus, lines 340,...

Indian Marka

Probably the most famous Indian restaurant in Wuhan, located in Guangu World Centre, it’s also one of the most expensive in this list (though it’s still not too expensive). The restaurant is quite spacious, and beautifully decorated and the food is simply amazing. Head there for some next-level Indian food! They also have a smaller branch in Xudong’s Star City...


Thalha Restaurant Wuhan
Don't be fooled for the minuscule size and appearance of this restaurant, their food is absolutely delicious and as original as it can be! The trouble finding it is worth it when it comes to eat there, but be careful! It packs up with students during lunch and dinner time! Though very similar to Indian food, this restaurant mainly serves...

Kebab Kingdom

Kebab Kingdom Wuhan restaurant
Kebab Kingdom is a mix of Mid-eastern dishes. It’s a small and clean restaurant with a good atmosphere and quite cheap prices. They also offer free delivery! How to get there: This restaurant is located inside the Huashi University Campus, the easiest way to get there is by metro (Jiedaokou, Line 2), but you can also take a bus that leaves you...

Tai Tai Kali

Xudong's Shopping Mall
Tai Tai Kali is a small restaurant in the 5th floor of Xudong’s Shopping Mall, it mixes Thai and Indian cuisine and offers good, affordable prices. How to get there: nearest bus stops are YouYi DaDao TuanJieCun Lu (友谊大道团结村路), and XuDong DaJie XuDong YiLu (徐东大街旭东一路).

Cafe Bistró

Cafe Bistró
This Indo-Arabic cafe offers authentic Indian tastes along with many other dishes closer to Arabic culture. Its owner is a young Indian entrepreneur that wanted to create a “fusion restaurant”, joining different cultures dishes into one same place. His success has been such that shortly after opening to the public they are already expanding! The new restaurant, located next...