Riding a Zebra is the cheapest way to get around in Wuhan!

Ordering taxis made easy in the HelloWuhan WeChat mini program

Ride in style with Zebra taxis

In a city that thrives on being “different everyday”, one part of daily life that changes are easily noticeable is transportation in Wuhan. Where we were once walking to board buses just a few years ago, fast-forward to 2018 and you find yourself taking subways or hopping on a bike you don’t own and parking pretty much anywhere once you’re done riding it.

How often have you hailed a taxi at the street side & been ignored, maybe even while its raining.

Or you may have been placed in an endless queue after ordering a taxi on your phone? It still sounds unreal but happens every day in Wuhan.

By now you must have seen a couple of white and black striped cars cruising around the city and wondered what you had just seen. No, they weren’t coming from an episode of Pimp My Ride and yes, they look awesome. The distinctive pattern is also easy to recognize when your ride has arrived. That means no more trying to scan license plates numbers or remember makes, models and colors of your ride that’s on the way.

Zebra Run taxi service is an innovative new taxi service that has partnered with Wuhan Social to develop an English version of the mini program for taxi hailing in Wuhan. Because it’s a mini program, its as easy to use in WeChat and there’s no need to download!

Wuhan Social Crew Rides a Zebra

Riding in style with the Wuhan Social Crew

You can now book a Zebra taxi right inside Wuhan Social’s mini program “HelloWuhan”. If you are on the way to an event, you can easily find the big button labeled “Get Taxi”. After clicking, you will jump to the Zebra Run Mini Program, with the address of the event pre-loaded inside! All you need to do is confirm by clicking book, and your car will be on the way!

Likewise, we have found that many people often find the addresses for popular places in our  mini program. Now, you can also get a taxi from within the page for any of the locations listed in “HelloWuhan”.

All you need to do is click on the orange button and verify your phone number to get great discounts through June and July! For every ride taken through the mini program will be the cheapest way to travel by taxi in Wuhan!

Before Login, Full Fare
After Login, Discounted Fair

Just look at the price of a Zebra car in the HelloWuhan vs Other apps!

We checked the fairs from some popular destinations. It’s easy to see that you can save a lot of money, especially if your splitting the fair with other passengers!

Guangu — Hankou Train Station (DiDi)
Guanggu — Hankou Railway Station (Zebra)

Optics Valley Plaza—Powerhouse (Hankou) 41 RMB

Han Street—Hankou Railway Station 28 RMB

Jiedaokou—Power House (Hankou) 28 RMB

With the World Cup games finishing at 2am-4am in the next few weeks, you might find yourself in a competition of your own. As everyone is leaving at the same time, not only from where you are but across the entire city so there might not be enough taxis!

Good news for you is that Wuhan Social has scheduled Zebra Taxis to be at the Block Party every weekend at Power House in Hankou! At the Wuhan Social Block Party on June 15th, June 22nd, June 30th and July 7th, you can find the cheapest beer, cheapest transportation, live music, and much more at the Power House courtyard. Did we mention that we will have the LARGEST Outdoor Screen with an HD cinematic projector showing every game!

See you at the Wuhan Social World Cup Parties in Power House!