Settling in Wuhan: What How Where and When

The guide for those who wish to come to Wuhan but still have a few questions.


About to live an incredible experience in Wuhan or thinking about living one ? Follow the guide that will help you settling down in the Hubei’s capital city.

LEAVING THE AIRPORT – Let’s find a taxi or something !

Be patient, the queue will move at some point.

Whether you speak Chinese or not you will have to escape the airport at your arrival. If it is organized by your University, a car will probably be waiting for you. But if you arrive on your own, don’t panic and keep the address of the hotel or the University you are heading to. Taxis will be queuing up for you and your pile of luggage.

POLICE REGISTRATION – China is watching you !

The government needs to know where you are and what you do.

China is a country with a big eye on foreigners, which is why the police needs to know where to locate you. Therefore, after your arrival in China, here are the different options:

  • If you live on the campus, the University will deal with your registration or at least will provide you the help needed.
  • If you live on your own, you will have to do the registration at the police station dedicated and located in your area by bringing your passport and an identity picture.

The registration is mandatory. When you arrive in China, you will have 48h to get the registration done with your passport and visa. This registration will have to be updated once you obtain your residence permit.

HEALTH CHECK-UP – Is everything okay in there ?

Be happy and healthy in China !

Going to the hospital is a mandatory step if you are a student with an X1 visa (X1 visa – for a stay duration going over 6 months). You will have to take several exams and provide them to Wuhan Citizen Home to get your residence permit.

Universities often organize the “hospital trip” with groups of students so you probably won‘t end up alone.

Yet, if it is the case, from me to you, go there quite early in the morning since you won’t be the only one queuing up!

ADDRESS No.453, Luoshi Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan


TRANSPORTATION Bus stop: Luoshilu Shishicheng Mingju


Bus lines 72, 503, 567, 576, 591, 632, 777, 804, 905


ADMINISTRATIONBecause China doesn’t laugh with papers !

Get your papers right first and enjoy your experience in China !

By arriving in China with a student visa, you will have 30 days after the day of your arrival to transform your visa into a residence permit. This process is most of the time organized by Universities, but it may happen that you have to deal with this by yourself, just like I did.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to go to Wuhan Citizen Home and apply for a residence permit. Once you will have registered, it will take about 3 weeks to get your passport back.

ADDRESS No.117, Jinqiao Avenue, Jiang An District, Wuhan


TRANSPORTATION Line 3 – Shimin Zhijia Station

3线 – 市民之家地铁站

TIP Once you arrive, look for the Floor 1a.


ACCOMODATIONChoose wisely !

Find the place that suits you well !

Once you will have well arrived and almost dealt with everything, finding the place you will want to live in will be the final step.

Multiple choices are possible:

  • If you choose to live on the campus which might be the cheapest and easiest at first, the registration should be done when you register at your University, meaning: no particular problem.
  • If you want to live outside of the campus but don’t speak Chinese, the best way is to get help from a Chinese friend or tutor. Real estate agencies can be found everywhere in Wuhan, the best option being to be patient and search according to the area you wish to live in. Close to your University ? Close to a subway station ? Or close to the coolest bar in town ? It will be up to you and your budget.
  • If you are already okay with your Chinese, some websites also exist and will allow you to get directly in touch with some real estate agencies (check out: and

According to the district you’ll live in, prices will vary from 1500 to more than 5000 RMB per month, depending on the size of your flat.

Another advice here, from me to you: be patient and open-minded ! You may not find the perfect place following your western taste, but you’ll still find a place you’ll love !

You will soon realise that Wuhan is big. Very big. If using taxis is quite common and relatively cheap, I advise you to buy a transport card so that you can take the bus, the subway and even the ferry to travel in Wuhan. Way cheaper than the taxi, there is no better way to know a city than by travelling around using public transport. For sure, you will experience the real timing and distances of Wuhan. Subway lines keep appearing, facilitating transports for everyone since the traffic on roads is often awful.

Wuhan is a great city to experience as a student. Follow the guide and you won’t feel lost at all !

Violette R.
Violette is a young French expat ready to go on adventures to introduce you to new places and events in Wuhan. Enthusiastic and joyful, she is passionate when it comes to performing art and has a penchant for old movies and rock’n roll. Her saying: Make them laugh.