Shared Baby Strollers Appear In Wuhan

Wuhan Urban Management officials not planning to take action unless the strollers become a public nuisance


Neat rows of shared ‘kangaroo strollers’ have appeared at scenic spots across Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province on December 30, 2017, reports Wuhan Evening News.

Shared baby strollers lined-up in the streets of Wuhan

The baby strollers are equipped with coded locks resembling the locks on a shared bike. After registering with their ID and paying a deposit of 99 yuan (about 15 US dollars), users can scan a QR code and unlock a stroller. Parents interviewed by Wuhan Evening News had mixed views about the new scheme. One said it was good that parents no longer have to carry their own heavy stroller with them when their kids want to play outside, as the share strollers were more convenient.

By contrast, another parent who was asked about the scheme as she took her one-year-old son for a walk said she was concerned about health and security issues, saying she would rather use their own stroller. Urban management officials in Wuhan have said they would treat shared baby strollers and shared bikes equally, and that they would take action if the strollers block roads or cause a public nuisance.