Shared Fitness Booth Debuts In Optics Valley

"Cabins can accommodate two people or even a family".

a popular pedestrian stop in Optics Valley

The shared fitness booth, “Wanba,” debuted in Optics Valley on January 13, 2018.
-A fitness booth is a small cabin that can be entered by using WeChat to scan the QR code to open the door. It is equipped with one treadmill, several dumbbells, an air conditioner, TV, and stereo system.

newly setup fitness booths otherwise known as “wanba”

The shared fitness booth charges RMB 0.2 a minute. The founder of “Wanba,” Fu Hao, reveals that it has already brought in over RMB 10 million and has the largest occupancy of fitness booths in China’s market. On average, each booth has been used 500 times per month.

“Fitness booths are scattered within 50 meters of office buildings and communities. People can easily access these facilities.” Fu added, “to improve the user experience, each cabin has a space of over 7.5 square meters, which can accommodate two people or even a family.
In addition, machines in the booth can collect user’s fitness data and upload them online. By analyzing this data, professional trainers can recommend nutritional supplements and personalized work-out plans for the user.”