Silent Disco to Indie Albums at Vox Records’ Rockin Art Exhibit!

A vibrant exhibition celebrating 13 Years of Vox Records & a rich history of Indie music in Wuhan!


The Cherry Blossoms have ushered in a spell of refreshingly warm weather, presenting an opportunity to finally step outside! The change in seasons coincides with the Vox Records 13th Anniversary & its ongoing colourful exhibition in the Optics Valley K11 Art Village.

Watch this video of K11’s latest offering in Optics Valley 

The exhibition ends on 22 April & for artists passionate about music, live houses and music festivals all year round, this is a worthy pilgrimage.

A curated musical journey with Vox Records

One section of the exhibition features 200 music album covers resting on three walls. They span Vox’s 13 iconic years, from independent rock, metal & a variety of other genres, as well as a collection of CDs & Vinyl. The collection of music record covers began in 2005, creating a collection of more than 4000 collected records which were narrowed down to the 200 that you’ll find on display this April.

Unlike mass-burning of pop music, most independent bands did not have many record productions and private recordings. So after the band’s dissolution, the records also disappeared

In some cases, album covers were hand-painted on the wall because the physical discs could not be found.

Another highlight at Vox Record’s exhibition is the so called “Silent Disco”: a perpetually silent, neon-lit room. Visitors are welcome to carry their own head/earphones & play music while in the Disco, as long as they can dance without singing along.

Exhibition Times
1-22 April, 2018
Optics Valley K11 Art Village, 3rd Floor 
10 am-8 pm (no entry after 7 pm)