Site For Changjiang New Town Announced

Building a world-class town of international standards in Wuhan with unique Chinese characteristics

screenshot of Changjiang New Town in Wuhan
Changjiang New Town in Wuhan

During a press conference on July 17, the Wuhan municipal government announced the site for Changjiang New Town, located in the mid-northern areas of Wuhan.

Construction is to be divided into three parts: the primary area of Changjiang New Town, which covers an area of 30 to 50 square kilometers, will connect the areas of Chenjiaji and Wuhu. Located on the north bank of the Yangtze River, and stretching to the Sheshui River and Fuhe River in the west, and Wuhu’s Bangzhan River in the east, it will reach Zhanggongdi Road in the Southwest, and Jiangbei Railway in the north. The mid-term development area will be 100 square kilometers, and the remote reaching area will be 500 square kilometers. Upon completion of these areas, Changjiang New Town will change Wuhan’s current layout of three areas, and become a fourth town.

The primary target of the Changjiang New Town is to build a world-class town of international standards with unique Chinese characteristics. It will become a model city, putting into practice the most creative development ideas. It will be a town of innovation that attracts high-tech industries like biological technology, new energy, new materials, energy-saving and environmental protection, and information technology; a town of ecology where people and nature live in harmony-a modern ‘smart city’. A town of high-level internationalization where a group of companies, organizations, and first-rate universities and scientific institutions can settle in industrial parks and communities that will be built according to international standards. It will be a town of innovators who will find many opportunities there.

The idea for the Changjiang New Town was raised during the 13th Party Congress of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee. According to the planning report, Changjiang New Town will become a model city that exemplifies the highest level of city development for all future cities around the world.