Suit Republic: Wuhan Trunk Show 唯度西服定制: 武汉预购展

A 1 day tailoring event for high quality tailored suits & corporate clothing 为期一天的高定西服&工装定制宣传活动

On Sunday, July 15th Michael and his Suit Republic team will be visiting Wuhan for a one day tailoring event, bringing their brand of high quality and great value tailoring to Wuhan for the first time.

Trunk Show Details

Venue: Vin Sur 20 (Wuhan Tiandi)

Date: Sunday July 15th (By appointment only)

Trunk Show appointments start at 10am

Places are limited, so book your appointment now to avoid disappointment!

For more information scan the QR code below.

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  • Custom Suits, Shirts, Shoes 定制西服、衬衫、鞋履
  • English Speaking Service 英语服务
  • 100’s of Fabrics  百余种面料
  • 100’s of Styles  上百种风格
  • Expert Advice 专家建议
  • Full customization of Style and Detailing 服装风格和细节设计完全定制化
  • Ladies Suits Available 可定制女士套装
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Tailored outfits by Suit Republic 唯度西服定制成衣

About Suit Republic 关于唯度西服定制

Suit Republic was founded in 2014 in Chengdu, and currently has two stores in Chengdu and one in Chongqing. They specialize in providing high quality tailoring at an affordable price.Suit Republic founder Michael (from the UK) has overseen the growth of the company since 2014, with thousands of satisfied individual and corporate customers.

Contact Michael on WeChat: UKMICHAEL to discuss your tailoring needs.
Suit Order Timeline 西服订单时间表
Ladies Corporate OutfitsEnglish ServiceTailored Elegance

  1. Booking – Contact us now to book your place.
  2. Pre-consultation – The Suit Republic team will confirm your appointment time and contact you to discuss your tailoring needs.
  3. Trunk Show Day – Come at your appointment time to choose fabrics, styles, details and get measured for your new suits, shirts and shoes.
  4. Second Fitting – The team will be back in Wuhan on July 29th for the second fitting of your suit. At this point any adjustments can be made.
  5. Suit Delivery – We will arrange delivery of your suit to you directly in Wuhan– The total process should be less than 5 weeks.
  1. 预订– 请联系我们,即刻为您预订席位。
  2. 售前咨询唯度西服定制团队将确认您的预约时间并与您保持联系,共同探讨您的剪裁需求
  3. 预购展日– 请在预约时间准时到来,选择面料、款式、设计细节并为您的新款西服、衬衫和鞋履量定尺寸。
  4. 二次试衣 -团队将于729重返武汉为您提供西服的二次试衣服务。我们将在此次试衣后进行调整。
  5. 西服交付 – 我们将于武汉向您交付西服成衣- 整套流程不会超过5
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