Although known for their beautiful Italian style pizzas, Summer House is more than your average pizzeria, not only serving a full range of Italian dishes, but also signature dishes from Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Greece, Mexico, Australia and more.

Over the years Summer House have had French, Italian and German Chefs, all adding their own specialty skills to the kitchen and building upon the menu. They never stop training their staff, even inviting expert chefs from the Four Seasons hotel to undertake 1 or 2 weeks of training with their workers.

Andreas Schultz-Zehden Owner of Summer House (Wuhan)

Indoor and terrace seating on the second floor overlook the Tiandi walking street.

The Menu

The menu is as large as a book and filled with photos illustrating each dish. It includes home favourites from every corner of the world, such as spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, schnitzel, paella, and even a trusty avocado sandwich. Their bar is wide ranging, including French imported wines, and has an absolute zero tolerance on the fake alcohol rife in China, choosing only the best suppliers.

Customers enjoying drinks at the bar
The Summer House bar serving only the best quality alcohol.


Desserts here are to die for, including two types of chocolate cake, crepes, crème brulee and cheesecake. They have also created their own original line of desserts – ice cream cocktails. Fresh ice cream imported directly from France is doused in liqueur and served in spectacular glasses with decorations. Each ice cream flavour is perfectly paired with the most complimentary flavour of alcohol. It would be easy to skip mains altogether and move straight onto these indulgent treats.

A jar of biscuits, a glass of tea and a coffee sit on a black table top.
Enjoy an afternoon coffee with a view. © Gerry Niu

Imported ice cream from France.


In order to get such fresh food, they have their produce imported on a weekly, direct flight from France, enabling them to use authentic and traditional ingredients, rather than Chinese substitutes. This is what really sets Summer House apart from other European restaurants in Wuhan, the food tastes of home because the flavours really have come from abroad. The bar manager admits this was no easy ambition and definitely not possible for every restaurant to achieve, but Summer house never stops aiming for the highest quality.

A line of dark sofas with hot pink cushions and table arrangements.
Comfortable spaces to relax from day to night. © Gerry Niu

Guests laugh at the Summer House pizza party.

The Vibe

With live music and performances almost every weekend, this is a great place for a relaxed evening meal with entertainment, perfect for dinner dates or meals with the family or drinks with colleagues. The building is massive and has many different spaces across the two floors for different moods.

There is the terrace for summer drinking, more secluded rooms and corner tables, as well as large party tables and booths for intimate dinners. Upstairs the walls are made of glass, providing lots of light and wonderful views of the currently autumnal trees – a lovely setting for afternoon coffee.

tables and chairs infront of a large glass wall. views of the green trees outside.
Where the walls are glass providing beautiful views. © Gerry Niu

Writer’s gather at the third floor to share poetry and join in workshops.


Professionals and travelling businessmen can often be found eating here alongside locals who sampling new flavours and dishes. After developing a reputation in Foshan and Guangzhou, the Summer House brand is highly regarded, especially amongst expats.

Three friends enjoying drinks at a table in the evening
Enjoy a late night drink with friends.


Summer House also makes a perfect event venue, with weekly poetry meetings taking place upstairs and high profile clientele such as the British Council holding their events here. With a sound system, lighting, a stage, and more secluded tables, it makes a versatile venue for holding parties and events. They cater for everything from birthdays to corporate events.

Guests chat after a presentation at a corporate event.

The Famous Pizzas

It’s highly recommended to taste the Summer House Pizza, all with original Italian receipes and ingredients from Italy. The base is made of Italian flour, water, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil. All their tomatoes, the mozzarella cheese, their original cold cuts, the fresh mushrooms and more are imported. The combination of very healthy, fresh, light and delicious ingredients is suitable for everybody, even children and vegetarians.

A close up of a pizza topping including rocket, tomato and parma ham.
Fresh ingredients for the very best taste.


Pizza Favourites:

Pizza Capricciosa, a good combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and Para ham, the real flavor of Italian mountains.

Salmon Pizza, with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, imported smoked salmon from Norway, a delicious mix of Mediterranean and north European tastes.

Sea Food Pizza, a nice mix of shrimps, calamari, white fish, providing the real sea taste.

Vegetarian Pizza, a nice combination of fresh mixed vegetables, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, simply a perfect and fresh for summertime taste.

Other Popular Dishes

Red Wine Braised Beef
A plate of beef, orange butternut squash sauce, and colourful salad.
The massive braised beef plate. © Gerry Niu


An absolutely huge meal to satisfy even the biggest meat lover. It is beautifully presented and every component of the dish is perfect. The meat falls straight off the bone, the sauce tastes deliciously alcoholic and the butternut squash puree is sweet and creamy, making delightful combination.

Pear Salad

Crispy, fresh and well dressed. With sweet slices of pair alongside salty bacon bits, this interesting pairing makes a great starter or light lunch.

Green leaves, horse raddish and a dark vinegrette sauce.
The pear salad with bacon pieces. © Gerry Niu
Beef Mince Lasagne

The perfect home comfort food, soft pasta, lean mince beef and a tasty cheese sauce. Well-cooked and flavoursome, this is a go to dish.

Lasagna loaded with meats and cheeses. © Gerry Niu

Super Burger

A burger not for the faint hearted, towering over the plate with a side of chunky chips and pesto sauce. Starting at the bottom, there is a layer of fresh salad with juicy tomato, followed by a thick beef burger cooked to your preference, and then topped with generous slices of ham, all stacked inside a soft, fresh bread bun.

A heavily loaded burger next to thick cut chips, a small bowl of cause and fresh salad.
A massive burger with chips and salad. © Gerry Niu

Grilled Black Angus Beef steaks

Summer House offer you the best quality Black Angus Beef from a farm in southern Australia. These steaks are all chilled, natural aged and with marbling level 3-5+img_7767

German Sausages

The different German Sausage dishes at Summer House are a generous and varied heap of  savoury goodness, accompanied by potato salad, mashed potatoes or French fries.




Isabelle Scott
Isabelle is a student at Hubei University. She is currently learning Mandarin Chinese and loves reading and writing about everything China. Originally from the UK, she never stays away from the Middle Kingdom for too long, as this is her fourth trip to China, after previously working as a journalist in Shanghai.