Sunday Santa Sevens Showdown! 星期天圣诞七人对决赛!

A Christmas invitation from the Wuhan Baiji Rugby Club

Team Baiji!

We know, you probably have a few questions:

What is “Sevens”?
Why is Santa involved and why does it sound like we are trying to hurt him?

Don’t worry, the real Santa Claus will not be harmed during this event!

Weekend Sevens Showdown

Wuhan Baiji Rugby Club would love to invite you for Christmas, and what a rucking good time it’ll be!

The rules are festive and as follows:

  • Get a group of friends (7-10) to sign up as a Touch Rugby team [you can sign up as individual players if you can’t get a full team]
  • Choose a festive theme and some great costumes to go along with it!
    Yes, you will be playing in these costumes: so gentlemen, please keep skirts below the knee
    -Teams should be a mix of males & females as well as Chinese & expat players 

Remember: sign up by Friday December 15th
For the small, small fee of only 100 RMB per team

  • 组建一只由7-10名球员组成的球队(如果你没有一个完整的球队,可以独立球员的身份参加)
  • 选择一个节日主题和一些很棒的服装来参赛吧!

Now, we know Rugby can sound scary, but here at Wuhan Baiji we’ve got you covered

This is a Touch Rugby tournament, so no tackling and no contact

-When we say touch, we mean both hands must touch the opposition player, then they stop running and put the ball on the ground for their team to take.
-If you touch their team 5 times, you get the ball!It’s called sevens, so you can have seven players on the field, with up to three substitutions
So you just need to remember to run forwards, pass backwards and win

Sounds too good to be true right?



Well, along with a day of rugby playing, we’ve also got some of your favourite vendors to come along.

Drevils’ Brewery, quenching Rugby player thirst all

Food for sale at the event and drinks from Devils Brewery

“What could be better?!”, we hear you scream
PRIZES! (of course!) That’s right, awards will be given for the best dressed, to the winning team and a bonus prize for the team with the most Chinese players!


So now you just need to know when and where?

Sunday, December 17th
10:00am – 4:00pm

Location & Registration: Scan QR Code below for venue updates for more info on how to register as a team or as a singe player

WeChat ID: Breenamj


地点 + 注册:扫二维码或加微信: Breenamj


Registration Deadline: Friday, Dec. 15th

See You There! 在活动见

We’ll see you there! Merry Christmas!

Written by :Sophie Redding and translated by: Gloria Liao