Team Raiders: a brotherhood of basketball fans

team Raiders in Wuhan University
part of team Raiders after a friendly Winter match

Meet team Raiders, a small community of basketball lovers in Wuhan.

Formed in 2016 by a group of Wuhan University foreign students, the Raiders have since grown to become a diverse brotherhood of African, Asian and European students and workers in Wuhan all united by their love of basketball. The Raiders have fought their way through some tough competition in various tournaments and friendly matches around the city and continue to work together to improve each team-mate’s abilities on the court.

teams posing before action
Raiders at a friendly tournament with some Chinese teams
team Raiders after a victory
all smiles after a good game


Team training is prearranged through a we chat group and it has continued this Winter vacation for those still in Wuhan. The team usually trains in the main Wuhan University campus, either on the foreign students’ dormitory court or on the Software Engineering campus courts.

basketball players competing for the ball mid-air
a Raiders training session in Wuhan University

All are welcome

Team Raiders eating together
team meal after a friendly tournament

The Raiders welcome all interested and committed basketball players in Wuhan to be part of the team. You don’t need to be a superstar; all the Raiders need from you is a commitment to give your all when it’s time to play.

Contact (+86) 156 2379 9644 or nanayaw-2 on We Chat