The Drumstyle Band Live at PM Bar

See you at PM Bar!

Wind-down the week this Saturday with the Drumstyle Black Band (DSBB) and discounts on PM Bar’s draft beer!

Live Music

From the latest pop music to classic rock hits and everything in between-DSBB does it all!
Follow the melodic lead vocalist and her band of passionate musicians to the PM Bar. The fun starts at 9pm.

Wuhan’s favourite Malagasy musicians, live on the PM Bar stage

Be part of the musical experience! Grab an instrument or sing to your heart’s content on the PM Bar stage from 11pm ’till the sun rises!

Saturday night jam sessions on the PM Bar stage

Discounts on draft beer:

美国大道淡色艾尔  BOULEVARD PALE ALE 原价31 活动价25 

A bitter pale ale with a slightly citric, toffee-like flavour

白熊  VEDETT EXTRA WHITE原价27 活动价22

A traditional Belgian white beer with subtle citric & herbal aromas and

乐蔓水果  LIEFMANS FRUITESSE原价24 活动价20

An eye-catching rouge, refreshing taste and fruity aroma

企鹅  VEDETT EXTRA BLOND原价21 活动价17

“If blonds really do have more fun, imagine what they’d say about Vedett Extra Blond!”

小米字旗IPA  EASY JACK IPA原价33 活动价27

Multi award winning Easy Jack IPA

米字旗IPA  UNION JACK IPA原价38 活动价31

This citric, aromatic IPA goes well with spicy food

加州31号淡色艾尔  CALIFORNIA PALE 31原价33 活动价27

This sweet pale ale is a friendly starter if you’re new to the craft beer world

小拖车IPA  SINGLE-WIDE IPA原价33 活动价27

A beer with an intense floral aroma and caramel malt flavour

7号罐子农舍艾尔TANK 7 FARMHOUSE ALE原价38 活动价31

Indulge in the soft, sweet flavours of the Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

热带艾尔  TROPICAL PALE ALE原价35 活动价28

Sit back and soak in the refreshing grapefruit flavours of this tropical pale ale


A light, fruity beer with a low bitter after-taste

蛇麻变形记 LUPONIC DISTORTION No.009原价33 活动价27

A limited edition craft beer packed with flavour