Welcoming Steve Hoffman To Wuhan!

Author of best-selling book "Making Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation" in Wuhan this December!

Welcome To Wuhan, Captain Hoff!

Known as Captain Hoff and the Godfather of Startups in Silicon Valley, he is known as a leader & entrepreneur

a motivational lecture by Steve Hoffman

Hoffman the Captain and Chairman of Founders Space, where he has educated and trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation.
在硅谷史提芬·霍夫曼被人称作为霍夫船长。他是创始人空间(Founders Space)的船长和主席,在那里他教育和培训数以百计的初创企业创始人以及大企业的高层管理人员来如何进行创新。

Founders Space has been ranked a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. Magazine and the #1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes Magazine.
创始人空间被公司杂志(Inc. Magazine)列为排名前10的孵化器,被福布斯杂志(Forbes Magazine)列为海外来到硅谷的初创企业首选的加速器。

What Has He Done?

From a young age, Hoffman dreamed of making movies and games. He created over 50 short films and 80 games before graduating from high school. Pursuing his passions, he earned a BS in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters in Cinema Television from USC.
当他还是个孩子的时候,霍夫曼就梦想要拍摄电影和制作游戏。当他高中毕业的时候他已经创作了50多部短片并设计了80款游戏。追寻他自己内心的冲动,他在加州大学圣塔芭芭拉分校(UC Santa Barbara)获得了计算机工程的学士学位,然后又在南加利福尼亚大学(USC)获得了电影电视的硕士学位。

His first job in Hollywood was reading TV scripts, but he quickly rose to Development Executive. After moving to Japan, he went on to work at Sega where his group collaborated with Hollywood on interactive movies and games.

Intro video by Steve Hoffman at Wuhan’s 1st Startup Grind

Upon returning to Silicon Valley, Hoffman founded LavaMind, which produced dozens of online and mobile games, as well as designed digital products for Disney, Qualcomm, Intel, MetLife and Sesame Workshop.
回到硅谷后,霍夫曼创立了LavaMind,这家公司制作了数十款不同的在线和移动游戏,并为迪斯尼、高通、英特尔、大都会人寿保险公司(MetLife)以及芝麻街工作室(Sesame Workshop)设计了数字产品。

After writing a book on game design, Hoffman joined Infospace, as their North American Studio Head, where he ran US mobile games. Hoffman then co-founded three venture funded startups focused on media, games and entertainment.

在这之后他创立了Spiderdance,这是他的第二家创业公司。这家公司为MTV、美国全国广播公司(NBC)、华纳兄弟公司、日本TBS电视台、索尼以及艺术&娱乐网络(A&E)制作了互动电视节目。在这同时,霍夫曼还帮助成立了互动电视媒体集团学会(Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group)以及制片人协会新媒体理事会(Producers Guild New Media Council.)。

Hoffman launched Spiderdance, his second startup, producing interactive TV shows for MTV, NBC, Warner Brothers, TBS, Sony and A&E. At the same time, Hoffman helped found the Academy of Television’s Interactive Media Group and the Producers Guild New Media Council.

Today, Hoffman heads Founders Space and works with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and investors in 22 countries to create innovations that rock the world!

His book “Making Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation” was published in February 2017

His book “Making Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation”

What Can We Learn From Him?

  • How to come up with excellent startup ideas?
  • What’s the common trait of successful entrepreneurs?
  • What are the must-know traps that startups probably will meet?
  • What kind of people should I recruit and what characters should they have?
  • What’s the characters of popular products?
  • How to build creative company culture?
  • For startup companies and big companies, how should they achieve rapidly growing?

Meet captain Hoff this Friday, 15 December at Founders Space Wuhan! 

Meet Captain Hoff this Friday at Founders Space Wuhan
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