When we stand together: Go Chile Concert!

Unite for the cause!


Donations collected so far: 12,960.80 rmb

A couple of words on the case

      “We fight, we kill, we betray one another, but we can rebuild, we can do better, we will, we have to.”(c) Batman vs Superman
In our world, a contradictory place, where many countries still stuck in political and military conflicts for different reasons in the past and in present, others remain silent, but looking coldly on those who used to harm them in the past and stand aside, some countries already understood the value of unity and on their way to the peace in the world, even despite the fact that there is still a long way to go. However, when one country becomes the victim of a natural disaster and calls out for help, we unite, we put together our forces and help the people of that country to recover from the tragedy that happen to them. No matter who we are, no matter where do we come from, no matter what are our political views, no matter what are our religious beliefs. At that moment we stand as one and stretch our hands to the ones in need.

Chile – officially the Republic of Chile, is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania.
Chile forest fires killed people, made thousands abandon their homes, burned hundreds of thousands acres of land, destroyed entire villages and now people from southern and central parts of the country need roofs above their heads, food, clothes and other things to help them stand back on their feet and continue their lives.

The events

“Go Chile!” charity shows took place in Coastline Bar on February 17th and Jenn Lounge on February 18th. The events were held under official support of Desafío Levantemos Chile. Both bars and their owners acted as sponsors of the event and made a considerable contribution for the case.


The initiators of the events are Chile guys from Central Normal University – Cristian (lawyer, master degree holder in International Relations, PhD student international politics,lead vocalist of Frankenstein and the Guitar Factory) and Philippe (political scientist, master degree holder in international relations, PhD student in International Politics) , who put their souls into these events. It is important to mention that Cristian acted as one of the organizers of the similar charity event for Ecuador last year in Toucan Irish pub.

Philippe and Cristian, the initiators

There are two good things about that, which made things possible for those events. First of all, somehow all the people who took part in this event ended up in China in the right place and the right place and in right time. Secondly, a very good thing about Wuhan that makes it special is the amount of talented musicians and bands, which has become the leading force of these shows.

The Charity 

As a part of any charity event walking boxes for collecting donations is the main attribute, this time they were carried by two beautiful girls.

Charity boxes and their beautiful carriers
Charity boxes

However that is far not it. Besides the boxes Cristian and Philippe organized a raffle with generous prizes from sponsors, each raffle ticket costed 10 rmb into the charity box.

Raffle prizes
Andy (Travelers) raffle winner

And again this is not it. As a part of the event Cristian and Philippe organized different competitions and activities, so that people could win more prizes.

Beer contest: Girls, USA can drink!!!
Beer contest: Boys, Louis finished his cup so quickly that I barely had the time to click the button of my camera 😀
Push-ups competition, Gilby: give you ten – not a problem!
Arm wrestling competition: Boys
Arm wrestling competiton: Girls

And many,many others…

Art for the sake of charity: Copihue for Chile by Paul James

An amazing picture of Copihue – Chilean flower, which was painted specially for the event by Paul James Kintas was sold on auction and brought 1100 rmb into the charity box.

Lapageria rosea – Copihue by Paul James Kintas / Photo credits: Autumn
The presentation of the picture for auction by Cristian and Paul

Wuhan Social donations

David presents Wuhan Social donations part
David and Cristian

Couple of weeks before the events Wuhan Social organized a Wechat donations by distributing the QR code for the donations in groups and moments helping to increase the donations, as result we managed to collect  4288 rmb. QR code is still active and you can send your donations by scanning QR code below:

Who made it happen?

Coastline event

Coastline event poster
Flag of Chile

Coastline event was organized under support of Oneway, talented young man, the owner of the bar, singer, musician and also the holder of annual Wuhan music festival Toucanstock.


The event passed in a calm homely atmosphere, it was event where local Chinese bands and artists were the headliners.

The show was opened by the performance of three people 林雅茜,代霈崧,张义丰.

The musicians performed in soul style and played covers on famous songs such as Valerie by Amy Winehouse, Englishman in New York by Sting.


The next artist was the singer 李倩,she performed her own classic style songs 花布, 牧羊女, 老屋 giving the audience the feeling of old China.


The next singer 张不三 performed his own folk songs 回不去的故乡,死了我们可以埋在一起.


The performers were accompanied by Cristian and Gangzi.

At the end of the event Cristian presented Oneway with a bottle of Chilean vine as the sign of gratitude.

Jenn Lounge event

Jenn Lounge event was  big, rich on bands, a great variety of entertainment and lots people and lots of fun. It was the culmination of the charity in Wuhan. Jenn Lounge event was organized under support of the owners of the bar Alistair and Jessica.

Alistair, the owner, and musician Duang Duang

Bands and artists

DJ Saya & DJ Jay Weights

DJ Saya & DJ Jay Weights supported the event with their tracks and mixes all the time pumping it up.

DJ Saya

DJ Saya

A couple of words from DJ: “Medical student. I love music and playing music for a good cause and offering a helping hand at the same time is one of the best things to do”.

DJ Jay Weights

DJ Jay Weights

Aka Johnny,in the past the guitarist of one of the brightest bands in Wuhan The Hendrix and Desmond & Smokes currently the guitarist of the band B-SQUARE and DJ.

A couple of words from DJ:“I try to play older music. There isn’t enough funk and soul in Wuhan. I think it’s music everyone can relate to in one way or another so it was a pleasure to share some of the music I love at what turned out to be a great event”

The show was opened by a small band Gravity Hearts, whose vocalist Rida also made the opening speech for the event.

Gravity Hearts:

A young acoustic band, that performed covers on famous songs as Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday and Rolling in the Deep by Adelle.

Vocals: Rida

Lead Guitar: Gilby

Acoustic Guitar:Naval

Drums: Christo

Rida, Gravity Hearts
Christo, Gravity Hearts
Gilby, Gravity Hearts

A couple of words from the band:“We are all students of medicine with intense passion for music, the band was formed almost a year ago. We all enjoy the vibes of soft rock music n classics in our leisure time, which gives us all a soothing relief in our dry campus life. The theme of the band flows in the aura of love, pain and joy. The first performance of the band was showcased in Toucan bar with several other bands for raising funds for Ecuador. An honorable mention would be of the Frankenstein and the Guitar Factory band who has winged us in our take of as one of the youngest foreign bands in Wuhan”.

Joseph Fatai

Guitar, vocals

Joseph Fatai

A cheerful warm-hearted musician, usually performs solo but you can often find him on the stage in Coastline on their Sunday Jam sessions in company of other musicians and  singers. Joseph performed the covers on songs like I see fire by Ed Sheeran and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

A couple of words from musician: “I am a singer and guitarist who believes in using the power of music to help people”.


A loud voiced singer from Madagascar who pumped the crowd with his beats.



A wonderful dance was performed by a group of students of Polynesian region and Pacific Islands symbolizing a salute to their Polynesian origins and including both smooth moves of girls and fighting shouts of guys.





A new funky band that was born like a phoenix out of the remnants of The Hendrix – one of the brightest bands in Wuhan that will remain forever in our hearts.

Vocals: Eva

Guitar: Paul

Keyboards: Ryan

Bass: Arnold

Drums: Faly

Eva, Hybrid


Paul, Hybrid
Arnold, Hybrid

A couple of words from the band: “We are choosing songs that evoke a positive emotional reaction from the crowd. We want to start with ethereal songs like ‘Drumming Song’ and then end on a high with more rock style songs such as ‘One Way or Another’ to get the crowd pumped for the evening ahead”.

Frankenstein and the Guitar Factory

One of the brightest Wuhan bands at this time which has Cristian, the initiator of the event, as the leader of the band. Never ending waves of positive come from them each time when they perform, and their great talent of communicating with the crowd and be a friend to each fan, brings something special about them.The band performed covers on such songs as Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd and De Musica Ligera by Soda Stereo.

Vocals: Cristian

Guitar: Sam (Replaced by Beto (Travellers) during the event)

Bass: Andre

Drums: KD (Kaushik)

Cristian, FGF
Sam, FGF
Andre, FGF

A couple of words from the band:“It’s Alive!! Wake up Frankenstein!.
This quartet will electrify your cells, shaking the ground with their heavy metal machine. And they do it at the rhythm of the Hard Rock, mixed with their own sound and quality.
Frankie’s are the rockers of Wuhan stages, and they do it right!Without save energy, the beats of KD mixed with Andre’s bass hittin your chest contrast with the sounds of the strings flowing tapped by Sam, and the shouts and energetic show coming from Cris.
Frankie’s, with the lightning in their hearts, are the friends and brothers in arms who push each other to give more and more. The mystique and that extra ingredient in everything what they do, makes their shows what they are, rock to the vein and pure energy”


An absolutely Latin band, playing with the rhythm of Latin countries  performed covers on songs like El Matador and many others.

Vocals: Andy

Guitar: Beto


Bass: Andre

Drums: Jose


Drumstyle black band

Vocals: Sanya (Replaced by Kaesh during event)

Drums: Dafray

Guitar: David

Keyboard: Sergio

Bass: Bassy Agnus

Almost fully Malagasy band playing reggae and African style music and played such songs as Love on the Brain by Rhianna and Chip thrills by Sia.

Kaesh, Drumstyle
Dafray, Drumstyle
Sergio, Drumstyle

The Redemption 

Another African style band which performed such covers as Zombie by Cranberries and Papaotai by Stromae.

The Redemption band

A big misfortune and a sudden catch: Beau Monde

Right before the event  the guitarist of two bands B-SQUARE and Reckless – Ismael got into accident and as a result both bands weren’t able to take part in the event, however, literally at the last moment suddenly out of nowhere appeared a new band: Beau Monde. Previously seen in Coastline couple of months ago. Guys have shown a great professionalism in their approach to the music and the performance itself and impressed Jenn’s audience very much. They performed covers on such songs as Treasure by Bruno Mars and Seven Days by Sting.

Beau Monde

Vocals: Olga

Guitar and vocals: Nico

Back vocals and keyboards: Yana

Bass: Igor

Drums: Slava

The event was closed by the band Groove Gassy, who got so excited that performed I feel good three times.

Eternal student, editor, translator, calligraphist, ready to help each and everyone. Favorite quotation: Do or do not, there is no try. (c) Master Yoda (Star Wars)