Where are Wuhan’s female World Cup fans? 武汉最美的几个女球迷,都喜欢来这里




At midnight, every bar here bears the passion of urban men and women. During the World Cup, fans from all over Hankou flocked to HuaYuanDao. They raised their glasses to celebrate a toast at one of the many venues hosting the games. 


“Garden Road is full of people every day. 


If I’m going out late, I usually go to bars on the lakeside.” 


The most common complaint about Garden Road raised by people watching the football match, is that people who drive can not find empty space in the parking lot, whereas those who don’t drive had trouble hailing a Taxi until dawn after watching the later football matches.   


“But the girls watching the football match there are pretty energetic!” 



Master Kan, who received the news, ran to the Garden Road immediately to see what was going on. 


人力资源- Human Resources – 


“Watching the World Cup is, of course, for seeing handsome men! After watching so many matches, I found that the goalkeepers were most likely to be handsome. The Swiss goalkeeper is so handsome that I started to pay special attention to his instagram account. The football players of Croatia’s team all have a good appearance IMO. Messi has had a long face throughout the World Cup. Even if he is facing great pressure, perhaps he should be more relaxed.” 


“Basically I will watch the football match at Northwest Lake, and several bars in Garden Road will not have any place to sit if I go too late. Another thing is that the parking fee is really quite expensive. After all, there are few parking spaces. However, there are venues where you can find a quiet environment that is more suitable for small gatherings of friends, afternoon tea, drinking and chatting. “ 


“I am willing to experiment with any clothing style to try and find something good-looking. Even like exaggerated soccer socks, if I feel its interesting, I will buy them. But dressing for occasions is also necessary. After all, comfort is hidden within the weekend.” 




” I gambled on football with my friends before, but I will not bet a lot of money. I support the Spanish team. What impressed me most was Neymar’s acting skills. I am one of the fake fans, who only watch football suing the World Cup, but I enjoy the atmosphere of the competition and games. Usually between three to five of my friends will go to a pub. No matter whether we really understand football or not, we will cheer or boo with there crowd when a team scores a goal.” 


“Compared with football, I love fitness and dancing more. Sports are a lifestyle. While studying, I am still young and have plenty of time. I have to find something to enrich myself. I am always happy to dress like a mature woman, so most people say that I am cool. But in fact, I am only tall, not cool.” 


“In my heart, Garden Road is “classic”. As it can gather a group of fans that don’t know each other, but so many friendships across the city have been established with their connections beginning at Garden Avenue.” 



-律师事务所辅助人员– Associate at a Law Firm – 


“I watch football completely for the food! I eat for half an hour, take a rest during the intermission, and then sleep. ‘Where is Liu Xiang?’ This kind of question is completely embarrassing girls like us who would stay up to watch football with our husbands. At least we know who Messi is! Is that ok?” 


“As a post-95, I don’t like to try clothes that are too mature or too young. What suits you is the best. Many people’s impression of law firms is that they are wearing suits and leather shoes. Before I entered this business, I also dreamed of seeing “He Yichen”. But who does not want to wear slippers at work?” 


“I like the down to earth feeling of Garden Road, when I arrive, it feels just like I press the pause key on the high-speed life of the city. I often come and take pictures with my female friends. There are many hidden photo spots and you can find a good place to shoot at every corner.” 



-酒吧策划– Bar Planning – 


“At ordinary times, I watch the league matches more often. The Premier League and Bundesliga, Liverpool and Bayern Munich are my home teams. Before this World Cup, the German team was my enlightenment to watch football. However, with the retirement of players, and Loew’s obsession with possession of the football, which led to the team’s exit at the bottom this year, I have been somewhat disappointed with this national team. After they went home, I turned my attention to the England team.” 


“Many people were impressed by the match between France and Argentina. For professional athletes, age is a fact that there is no way to avoid. Just as you compare Messi, who has entered the end of his career, with Mbappé, who has just emerged and is on the rise, it is indeed unfair. 


“Because I work in a bar and come into contact with many young people, In the past, maybe everyone just liked the feeling of jumping around, but now there are more and more young people who are really willing to learn about music. These things that they began to pay attention to are the soul of youth culture trends. As Garden Road is always attracting various merchants and interesting people, young people have become addicted to Garden Avenue.” 



During the World Cup, in addition to these fashion forward women who were interviewed, Garden Road also had international artistic performances, attracting onlookers at the scene, and will routinely invent new promotional activities for guests each week.