Why the New Beer Barn in Wuchang is giving away beer for free?

How Crazy? Beer Barn in Wuchang went insane!




 How Crazy? 

Beer Barn in Wuchang went insane!

A New Beer Barn opened in Wuchang, and it was the perfect place to celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary of Wuhan Social. Beer Barn is also running crazy deals until the end of September including free 15 RMB pizza, ladies night and free beer in general. So lets do this party once again while the weather is still good for outdoor seating!

Out of 250 people, only 400 showed up?!?

So here are the main deals that we think you would like to know about. For more information such as times and how to get there, simply click on the blue link.

These are not the deals, these are giveaways!

Ladies Night 

Every Wednesday

Free Beer and Cocktails for ladies every Wednesday between 6pm-10pm! 

Pizza + Beer 

Every Day 5pm – 8pm

Buy ANY Pizza and you’ll get a Free Beer!

Cosy outdoor seating area for big groups of friends

 Food Specials 

Brunch, dinner or both!

Monday Pesto & Chicken 15 RMB
Tuesday Beef Burger 15 RMB
Wednesday Spaghetti Bolognese 15 RMB

Thursday Garlic & Tuna RMB
Friday Margherita Pizza 15 rmb

Beer Barn Opens at 10am! 

Happy Birthday! 

Some moments from the Wuhan Social 3 Year Anniversary Party

Last Saturday’s party almost blew the roof off. 250 people registered for the Free Drink special then 400+ people showed up! So thank you to the staff at Beer Barn for keeping the fridge full, drinks ice cold and everyone’s belly filled!

One more thing! 

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