Wuhan Baiji Rugby Wants You!

An Invitation To Wuhan's Rugby Community!


Wuhan Baiji RFC is back and ready to kick off the season in our usual way, with none other than a Saturday afternoon of good, clean rugby filled fun followed by a Saint Paddy’s Day social at Shine Shark. Whether you’re a seasoned rugby pro or just want to get out for some exercise while meeting new friends, we welcome you to check out a training session and consider becoming a member this season!

After Saturday’s Shine Shark social, players and rugby fans are free to attend Paddyfield or Devils Brewery, both of whom are showing the Six Nations rugby

武汉白暨英式橄榄球俱乐部回来啦,并且将用我们通常的方式打开赛季的大门。在周六下午的训练后我们将在傲堡村举行关于Saint Paddy’s Day的聚会活动。无论你是一个经验丰富的橄榄球专业人士,或只是想出去锻炼,而结识新朋友,我们欢迎你去参加训练,并考虑成为本赛季成员!在傲堡村的聚会后,队员和橄榄球的爱好者可以去Paddyfield 或Devils Brewery观看Six Nations rugby的比赛

5 years of Wuhan Baiji & many more to come

Training sessions every Saturday

Ladies session 1:00 – 3:00pm
Gents session 2:30 – 5:00pm

(Training for this Saturday will be at the Optics Valley Sports Stadium but future locations will be announced group chat. Contact WeChat ID: Tj_IDFWY_15 or WeChat ID:  MariiaSmotrytska to be added)


ladies from Team Baiji

Training sessions will also take place Wednesday evenings at HUST

Combined Ladies and Gents Fitness + Touch

7:30 – 9:00 pm
男女混合+触碰式  7点半到9点

Socials this Month:                                   本月的聚会:
March 17th – Shine Shark Social            3月17日在傲堡村
March 31st – Devil’s Brewery Social      3月31日在小恶魔精酿啤酒

wanna sign up?

   March – July 2018 Membership Registration


H                                     Fees费用
Worker工作者 350
Student学生 250

Membership Details


 Membership includes the following:


· Access to all Wuhan Baiji RFC training sessions and social events


· Medical insurance for all the training sessions you attend and tournaments you participate in.


· Tournament entry fees for all home and away tournaments you participate in.


· Should players be interested in attending refereeing, rugby coaching or strength and conditioning coaching courses to become a qualified referee/coach/instructor, we will be able to assist you in attending the appropriate courses


Membership Fee deadline

Membership fees should be paid by Saturday 31st March

Wuhan Baiji RFC is an all-inclusive club with ladies and gents teams whose goals are topromote and develop rugby in Wuhan and periodically compete in the Sino 10s league Eastern Division in addition to other invitational tournaments across China.

武汉白暨是一个兼容男女的俱乐部,成员的目标是发展武汉的橄榄球运动、定期参加Sino10s league Eastern Division的比赛以及在中国的其它邀请赛。

For more information regarding practices, contact: 

TJ (Men’s rep) or Maria (women’s rep)
TJ WeChat ID: Tj_IDFWY_15
Maria WeChat ID: MariiaSmotrytska

If you’re a potential sponsor looking to get involved, contact:

Martin (Club President)
Martin WeChat ID: JackEasy 


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