Wuhan Company To Undertake National Car Race

Shanghai, Ningbo, and Zhuhai to host CEC in 2018


After the China Touring Car Championship’s Wuhan event drew to a successful close, another top-level national car race will be rolled out, again undertaken by a Wuhan company. The China Endurance Championship (CEC), to be organized by Wuhan Weitian Sports Co., Ltd., has been approved as one of the Level-A national annual sporting events by the General Administration of Sport (GAS).

KIA K3S China Touring Car Championship


The CEC 2018 will see three legs of races, respectively in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Zhuhai. Founded in 2015 by Lu Zhiwei and Xie Tian, two car racing enthusiasts, Weitian Sports is a privately-run enterprise based in Wuhan. The company quickly assembled a group of young car racing lovers and formed its own team to participate in national races. Having grabbed its first title in the GT Masters race in Zhuhai in 2016, the team obtained the investment and sponsorship of Hanwei Sports. In this year’s Shanghai GT Masters, the Hanwei Sports’ DMS team represented by Lu and Xie was crowned again.