Wuhan Driver Rewarded For Reporting Hundreds Of Traffic Violations

Preventing serious accidents and maintaining order within society, one report at a time


A Chinese driver has successfully reported more than 400 traffic violations in Wuhan, the capital of China’s central Hubei Province, which has earned him US$1,500.

The driver, 30, who is unwilling to reveal his name, told Xinhua that he started to report illegal traffic behaviour for the sake of preventing serious accidents and maintaining order within society.

He has reported more than 800 cases since May, when the city’s traffic administration bureau extended the report scope of seven dangerous violations, including the running of red lights, reversing and parking violations, and began offering incentives to the general public. Half of this particular citizen’s reports were justified.

In order to catch accidents or incidents as they happen, the volunteer has invested in a small camera to video various violations, as well as using a recording device in his own car.

Wuhan traffic police have claimed their new approach is working, referring to several hit-and-run cases being solved thanks to clues provided by local citizens.

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