Wuhan East Lake Greenway strides onto world stage

In accordance with world class standards, the East Lake Greenway has many highlights in design.

On 21 July 2016, the Research Center for Land Use Planning and Urban Space of Wuhan (WLSP) and the Joint United Nations Programme Humans Settlements (UN-Habitat) signed a memorandum of agreement in Beijing. According to it, Wuhan East Lake Greenway will be presented at the Habitat III Conference, being promoted worldwide

The project of East Lake Greenway was officially approved by UN-Habitat on June 28 as a demonstration example that enhances the urban public space in China.

Four themed greenways

w020161223578484665396The project of East Lake Greenway was started fired in December 2015, with the intention of allowing city residents to walk by the lake, swimming in the water, approaching the forests and reaching the mountain tops. Motor vehicles will not be allowed, and pedestrian and bicycle paths will form the main part.

East Lake Greenways, with a total length of 28.7 km, will be divided into four parts:

1. Huzhong Greenway

The Huzhong Greenway (green line in the map) extends from the Liyuan Square to the Moshan Hill north gate. Two viewing platforms will be built throughout this section to give walkers a good view of East Lake.

2. Hushan Greenway

The Hushan Greenway (khaki line) is between the Fengguang Village and the entrance to Moshan Hill north gate. This section is located at the foot of a small hill that allows passersby to dive into the charm of the extraordinary landscapes of the hill and lake.

3. Moshan Greenway

The Moshan Greenway (yellow line) is located in the tourist site Moshan Hill. It combines the natural beauty of East Lake with the history and culture of Moshan Hill, giving opportunities to passersby to experience the Jin-Chu culture by walking.

4. Jiaoye Greenway

The Jiaoye Greenway (gray line) reveals the mystery of the Luoyan Island which is in the deepest corner of East Lake. It exalts curiosity and adventure spirit of visitors.

Design highlights

In accordance with world class standards, the East Lake Greenway has many highlights in design.

1. A world-class track for running and biking

Out of consideration of organizing international bicycle race around the lake, the Huzhong Greenway, Hushan Greenway and Jiaoye Greenway is built according to world-class standars.

The tracks for running and biking are seperated. The running track is no less than 1.5m in width while the biking track is no less than 6m width.

2.A sponge greenway

Adopting the concept of “sponge city”, the Greenway uses many eco-initiatives to improve the ecological system. It targets to purify the water of East Lake as well as promote the restoration of lake ecosystem.

3.A smart greenway

The Greenway will be built into a smart leisure spot. Once added to the watch list from Wechat or mobile client, walkers could get clear instructions on traffic, parking, lending bicycles, mobile payments, etc.

4. A fluorescent runway

After completed, the Greenway would be a blessing to people who like to run at night. A 0.6-kilometer fluorescent runway will be built near the Moshan Hill.

Worldwide promotion significance

w020161223578484680921The project Greenways of East Lake will be present as a demonstration project in the Habitat III conference in October in Quito, Ecuador.

The East Lake Greenway encourages green traveling and alters some motorways to aid pedestrians. When completed, it will connect scenic spots like the East Lake Tingtao Scenic Area, Moshan Mountain, and Luoyan Islet. Some of the scenic areas that used to need admission are now free, creating an open space. A water purification system made of plants is designed to protect the lake water, and measures to provide smart services are taken to help the disadvantaged, vulnerable, and children. All the measures are in line with the idea of sustainable development.

“The East Lake is one of the largest lakes in China, we are delighted that Wuhan has tried to make such a broad public space for its citizens by practicing greenway project,” said the head of United Nations Programme for Human Settlements, “and the project of East Lake Greenway could serve as a good example for other cities that also have the lake regions.”