Wuhan Eats: Affordable and Authentic French Fine Dining

A global culinary celebration of French Gastronomy with Chef Philippe

Exquisite French Gastronomy at Le Versailles

Wednesday the 21st of March was the annual Gout de France/Good France event. I had the privilege of attending Chef Philippe’s Good France event at his new Hankou restaurant – Le Versailles. If you’re a lover of french cuisine and have not yet been to Le Versailles, then you must!

Chef extraordinaire-Chef Philippe of Le Versailles

Chef Philippe has curated an extensive mouth watering à la carte menu that would make you wish you had a bottomless tummy! We were greeted by Chef Philippe himself, who warmly welcomed every hungry patron who crossed his threshold.

Le Versailles has been open for four months and Chef Philippe’s french origins are evidenced not only by the food, wine, music and his outrageous french accent, but also by the hanging photos and paintings. There is a beautiful outdoor terrace area that is going to take off as the weather heats up. And a huge selection of french wine lines the walls, some of which happily found its way into my glass!

Pan-fried king prawn salad with whisky and garlic sauce

Chef Philippe took the time to describe each of the five courses in the gastronomic extravaganza we were about to experience, each dish carefully selected for the Good France event. As he detailed each course, our bellies grumbled and our grins widened as our appetites were well and truly whetted.

Chef Philippe left us filled with excitement about what was to come! We clinked our glasses and sipped our wine, giddy with anticipation and a little smug at our good fortune to be there!

Fried foie gras with light soy sauce

Each dish was exquisite, the roasted foie gras seasoned with five spices and a soy juice was an exciting stacked combination of savoury and sweet. I could have eaten ten of them! Second course was a theatrical lobster emulsion foaming in our bowls that was married with cream of broccoli and fennel soup which was poured ceremoniously from of a porcelain teapot right before our eyes. When we’d finished this dish we both looked for stealthy ways to lick our bowls clean (don’t worry, we didn’t)!

Chicken medaillon with foie gras and truffle sauce

The slow cooked veal fell apart on my fork and melted in my mouth, and did I mention the truffles!? Finely sliced black truffle and drizzles of truffle oil lay garnishing my veal which made me the happiest of diners! The food was delicious and each course a perfectly natural progression from its predecessor. Our meal concluded with a light and airy chocolate mousse perched on a cushion of fresh orange nestled in a generous ladling of Grand Marnier cream.

While this was a special menu for the Good France event, Chef Philippe has compiled various set menus at different price points that will allow you to sample all the tasty delights that Le Versailles has to offer! Bon Appétit