Wuhan’s first helicopter pad for air ambulance put into operation


Hubei’s first parking apron for air ambulance was officially put into operation at the Sino-French eco-city campus of Wuhan Tongji Hospital on October 8, 2016. The hospital is also known as the the first establishing a standard parking apron in China.

The parking apron, covering an area of 314 square meters, was completed within two months. It is also operated in the evening for helicopters landing.

It was introduced that all the air ambulances are equiped with advanced airborne medical equipments, as defibrillators, respirators, infusion pumps, suctioning machines, special medical stretchers, etc.

Xu Yongjian, head of Tongji Hospital, said the air rescue now can offer five basic services, including the pre-hospital rescue, inter – hospital transfer, organ transport, and the transfer of medical experts, special emergency medical equipment, medicines and blood.