Wuhan in top 10 Chinese cities for innovation and entrepreneurship


The research arm of China’s tech giant Tencent issued the 2016 White Paper on Innovation and Entrepreneurship during the company’s global partner conference on Thursday in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province.

Tencent Research Institute built the innovation and entrepreneurship pioneer index to measure the level of urban development and entrepreneurship potential of cities.

Assessed by indicators of talents, market, environment and capital, the white Paper listed the top 50 entrepreneurial cities in China.

Here are the top 10 pioneer cities in innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

No 1 Beijing: 254.806

No 2 Shanghai: 139.385

No 3 Shenzhen: 125.757

No 4 Hangzhou: 44.509

No 5 Guangzhou: 43.555

No 6 Chengdu:: 26.492

No 7 Chongqing: 19.805

No 8 Tianjin: 18.409

No 9 Nanjing:17.733

No 10 Wuhan: 16.406