Wuhan Social Friends Party on the Roof at Billiards & Beer Bar!

A sweet spot in the center of the city to play pool with friends!




A sweet spot in the center of the city to play pool with friends!

Long story short  – good time with cheep beer, pool tables, lots of space, amazing outdoor terrace and 50% off all beer till the end of September.

In the beginning, there were 6 of us

Now here’s the long story:

If you’ve ever faced challenges with organizing small gatherings such as birthdays, team buildings or farewells you probably know that finding the right location is the biggest headache. The go-to places are KTV & hot pot.

We recently discovered a new place that we think you should check out. If you’re sick of late-night KTV or you simply want to try something different. How about Billiards?

Antony, Issac, Carl, two Lillys, one Phillip and no beerYou’ve probably noticed how popular “Beer Markets” are in China (huge self-service fridge with many bottled beers). This one is no exception – it’s cheap (around 22 RMB for Vedett), loads of options from around the world including Mixers and ciders.

Something for everyone

There are 19 pool tables you can rent for 45rmb per hour. Each pool table has private couch and small table for 6 people. Friendly advice – keep your beer on the drinking table, NOT on the pool table… We learn this the hard Way…

Does anyone know how to do it?

To be honest most of us had never tried billiards before. Apparently pushing the balls into the holes is more difficult than I thought! In that case you can ask the staff in uniform to teach you, but remember one thing:

Don’t f*** with a PRO

However after a few beers it gets harder and harder to hit the ball. But that doesn’t stop us from having fun. Right Lilly?

She was sooo far from succeeding

Which hole?
1, 2, 3 or 4 ?

In this sport looking SEXY is as important as the game itself! Don’t you agree?

Wait! There’s more! 

This place has an amazing roof-top terrace with glowing tables surrounded by a pool! (Not this pool but that pool ). You can’t swim in it unless you’re a golden fish.

Even tho we’re not great playing pool, at least we’re pretty…

…in our own way…

Happy Birthday Jake! 

A few days later we went back to Billiards & Beer Bar for Jake’s (the founder of Wuhan Social) birthday and You are invited too!