Wuhan’s 1st Startup Grind: building blocks for a new home for entrepreneurs

Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in Wuhan & beyond


“Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire & connect entrepreneurs. Events covering a wide range of topics are held at monthly events throughout the world.”

On Wednesday 23 October, V + & Founders Space Wuhan hosted the first Startup Grind in the city. The event was well attended & contributed to local government efforts to not only  foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in Wuhan, but also attract more talented individuals & groups both outside Wuhan and China through the “3551 Optical Valley Talent Program”

The guest speaker was Jacob Wilson, captian & co-founder of WuhanSocial.com
The topic for the day was “Building a Social Network in WeChat”

foyer leading to Founders Space Wuhan

After a short introductory video by Steve Hoffman, founder & captain of Founders Space, those in attendance were taken back in time to the early days of WuhanSocial.com & its gradual transition to the international platform we see today.

The guest speaker went on to break down the lean startup methodology proposed by best-selling author Eric Ries & explained it in the context of his experiences in and around Wuhan
The Startup Grind ended with an open invitation for attendants to share their business experiences & ideas, as well as an opportunity to network with other growth-minded individuals in the room

Q&A session with WuhanSocial.com CPO

Through the regular salons to be held at Founders Space Wuhan, it is hoped that more entrepreneurs will connect, share and build together, helping Wuhan to become a hub of innovation for years to come

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