You & Me Beauty Salon Tanning Day

A “body barbeque” for the tanning lovers of Wuhan

You & Me Beauty Salon Tanning Lovers

Move your hot body with us, to the coolest swimming pool! In Wuhan, “tanning” is the new sexy! The new beauty experience is no longer an exclusive privilege.

Wuhan New World Hotel outdoor pool

You & Me Beauty Salon’s organization recently took a group of tanning lovers to Wuhan New World Hotel’s outdoor swimming pool to do a “body barbecue”. “Clean blue water with intoxicating sunshine, as if we were in Tahiti!”

Sunbathing in style

Outdoor tanning oil was used to protect participants’ skin, while also help the skin coloring.
Of course, outdoor tanning has weather limitations, so people would choose a more stable and safe indoor tanning experience to help them keep the dark color. So, the tanning lovers could enjoy the combination of outdoor tanning entertainment as well as the long lasting comfort of indoor tanning.

Shout out loud to all the tanning-holics! Hopefully more will be able to join next time. Let’s spread the heat to every single corner of Wuhan!


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