7 Reasons to get you out of bed during Golden Week!

Staying in Wuhan this holiday?


It’s Golden Week! Four more days to escape from your daily routines and explore the city! Here are 7 cool places and activities you can spend your holiday checking out:

Zhiyin Hao

🎫 Tickets | 298 RMB

The best way to learn about and experience Wuhan’s rich memories isn’t spending hours in a library with history books, but boarding the Zhiyin Hao cruise ship on the Yangtze River.

A whistle blows and you put on a traditional cheongsam. Onboard the ship you become a character and part of the performance showing old Wuhan. In each cabin, different stories are staged and you as the audience become part of the story.

Show Times
19:30 (1st show) and 21:00 (2nd show)


Han Show

🎫 Tickets | 529 RMB

Breath-taking acrobatic moves and daring stunts in the Han Theater. It’ s China’s only indoor water-flying show with motorboat stunts, massive waves and dazzling lights.

So far, only four people in the world have been able to complete a 27.5-meter high-altitude dive in three seconds. Two of them are part of the Han Show.

Opening Times
15:00 (1st show) and 19:30 (2nd show)


Wuhan Happy Valley (Late-night show)

🎫 Tickets | 100 RMB (night show)

This week, more than 140 interactive street performances will be presented by artists from all over the world. Enter the “Animal Kingdom” mini-tour and get close up with zebras and giraffes. There will also be live brass band performances to liven the festive mood

Night Show


Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park

🎫 Tickets |210 RMB

The only place in Wuhan where you’ll get to see a variety of polar animals under one roof. When crossing deep-sea tunnels in the park, you can look up and see all the playful creatures close up. You can even reach out and stroke them!

Being in the Ocean Park brings a sense of calmness; a refreshing quality during the daily rush of Golden Week.

Opening times


Tickets can be purchased at the park throughout the week.

Yaojia Mountain

🎫 Tickets|80 RMB

Yaojia Mountain is a historical site in Hubei. It was the first village of the Anti-Japanese War in Wuhan and the first valley of wetland tourism.

Like the Polar Ocean Park, the Qingtan Mountain stream of the Xiangxi Valley and its surroundings  give  a refreshing pause and chance to soak in the natural environment.

Tickets can be purchased at the historical site.

 Opening times


Jiuzhen Mountain

🎫 Tickets|60 RMB

The “first peak of Jianghan Plain” offers different scenery throughout the year. In Spring, tourists visit Jiuzhen Mountain ferns; in Summer, enjoy lotus watermelons; in Autumn, spend afternoons in orchards picking fruits; in Winter, play in the snow with family and friends.

Pre-historic ferns, living fossils and scenic views. An experience worth the trip during this short holiday.

Tickets can be purchased at the Jiuzhen Mountain scenic site.

Opening Time



🎫 Tickets |80 RMB (separate ticket for Tusi Village Show)

Jinligou is the largest natural landscape holiday resort in Wuhan. Many many years ago during the reign of Yongzheng, the two Tujia chiefs moved from Enshi to Eastern Hubei. In Caidian, Huangpi, they built a large number of Tujia villages. After nearly 300 years of development and change, they became today’s Jinligou.

Loads of sightseeing and entertainment on offer. Tickets can be purchased on arrival.

 Opening Time


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